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I am a house wife. I was working since June 2020 in Captchaclicks. In this critical corona time I got this like a gods gift. My friend referred me about this work. Monthly I am earning ₹ 6000/- easily. Thank you a lot.
Jude Thorn
This is Narsing. I am a small private employee. I was looking for a part time work for my free time. At last I got this work. I am earning ₹ 4000/- in just 2 hours working in a day.
Marsha Singer
I am student. I am looking for part time job and I asked to my friend, She suggested this work. I was doing in mobile itself. Now I am happy, I am getting for my pocket money, I am earning now!
Roy Smith
I finished my Graduation and I am searching for a job in fb groups. I have seen this company add, and I started chatting with one of the executive. He explained the complete details. I have a doubt while paying ₹1499/- who will be responsible for it.
నా పేరు రాజు, నేను టెన్త్ వరకే చదువుకున్న. నాకు ఇంగ్లీష్ పెద్దగా రాదు. కాంట్రాక్ట్ పనులు చేస్తుంటా. నాకు నా ఫ్రెండ్ ఈ వర్క్ గురించి చెప్పాడు. నేను 250 పే చేసి జాయిన్ అయ్యాను. వర్క్ చాలా తమాషాగా ఉంది. మనీ కూడా వస్తుంది
Lindsay Rune
I am working in Zomoto delivery. I will be waiting for orders. Too much time will be wasted. I got referred by my brother to captchaclicks. Now I got paid for whole day. Thank you Bro.
Ann rathi
Hello! My name is Yasmin. I am a working woman in past. Now Iam having small 2 years baby girl. It is very difficult to go to office by leaving her. I found a good solution to me., CaptchaClicks. Now I can take care of my child and I am working too... Thank you CC.
Manik samthan
मुझे ज्यादातर ऑनलाइन नौकरियों पर भरोसा नहीं है। कोई प्रतिक्रिया नहीं, पैसे की कोई गारंटी नहीं। कभी-कभी काम जमा करने के बाद भी हमें राशि नहीं मिलती है। लेकिन, अब मैं Captchaclicks में कर रहा था और प्रतिदिन न्यूनतम / 150 / - का भुगतान कर रहा था।
Manoj Pal
My name is Srikanth. I am doing small provision shop business. When I am searching for additional income, I found this catch work in Facebook. Joined and started working. Initial stage I was working very slow. Now I got experience in solving captcha. I am getting more than what I expected!
divya rathi